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Streamline your employee 360 process by using the Score360 platform.  360 feedback surveys can be a very powerful assessment tool to help employees develop and grow.  The Score360 is a multi-rater feedback platform designed to help individuals at any level of an organization understand how their peers, managers, direct reports, and stakeholders view their performance.

APPLICATION: Employee & Team Development
AUDIENCE: Employees at all levels, Leaders, Managers, Individual Contributors
REPSONDENTS:  Self, Supervisor, Peers, Direct Reports – these can be customized


~ Simple and Modern interface
~ Device friendly
~ Use your own custom competencies that reflect your organization’s unique culture and values or use our team of expert consultants for custom items

~ Database allows for qualitative and quantitative feedback
~ Communication templates can be modified to meet organization’s needs
~ Fully administered site; including project set-up and ongoing communication

~ Administrators access available for organizations that want to track progress real-time
~ Reports centrally located on client dashboard and can be downloaded on-demand
~ Group benchmark / norm trend line available in reports

SCORE360 Feedback Reports

An easy-to-interpret feedback report. Our SCORE360 feedback reports are designed to be interpreted by the end user themselves

Graphs and displays are easy to understand with scores

Two reporting template options available

report can be customized for each organization

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