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What are the spoken and unspoken rules that govern your workplace? Do employees practice the values that support your vision and mission statement? The Culture and Climate Survey profiles the alignment between your stated mission and actual workforce beliefs and behaviors by addressing topics such as trust in leadership, comfort in expressing opinions, job involvement, perceptions of future growth, atmosphere of honesty, and tolerance for differences.


  • Organizational Values & Practices: Do employees think the values your organization professes are the ones it actually practices? Do they feel they are treated fairly and with respect?
  • Organizational Effectiveness: How well do employees rate the effectiveness of your organization?
  • Organizational Leadership: Is the team confident in its management? Are your leaders seen as skilled leaders?
  • Communication: How well is information exchanged? Is it timely, accurate, understandable?
  • Expression: Does your climate encourage employees to express opinions freely and exchange ideas?
  • My Coworkers: Do your employees feel they work in a supportive environment, where cooperation and teamwork are alive?
  • Performance Management: Do people understand what they need to do? Do they have adequate resources to accomplish their jobs?
  • Participation/Involvement: Do employees feel they’re encouraged to be “part of the solution”?
  • Growth Opportunities: What future does your organization have to offer? Do your people feel they can grow and improve their skills at your organization?


  • 70 questions
  • 5 custom questions (your choice)
  • Up to 5 demographic categories (such as department, location, length of employment)
  • Available online or in paper format

In addition to the survey questionnaire, PPI provides the survey printing or Internet codes, data entry and integration, comment transcription, project administration, and an overall report — all in one base price.

At Performance Programs we are all about assessments! 

Well-designed assessments can provide awareness, which can lead to well targeted actions that can improve performance.  We are a versatile source for HR and talent management.

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