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Hogan Safety Report

Identifies safety-minded candidates, focuses and improves training, and recognizes and repairs safety-related gaps in your organizational culture.

Accidents at work cause unnecessary stress and business expenses, and companies should make every effort to reduce them. Some people tend to engage in unsafe behavior at work due to carelessness, recklessness, spite, and other reasons. Hogan’s Safety Report helps alleviate some of these concerns by identifying risks that individuals possess that may lead to on-the-job accidents and other unsafe behaviors. The report can be used for development or selection.

Hogan Safety Report

Purpose: Acquisition, Development
Category: Personality
Assessments: HPI
Audience: Individual Contributors
Research: Pre-Configured
Assessment Time: 12-15 minutes
Certification: Recommended
Features: Score Graphs, Score Interpretation, Score Graphs, Score Interpretation

Make selection decisions using a visual representation of candidates’ safety competencies.

Get detailed insights into each candidate’s safety-related strengths and shortcomings.

Start your new hires off with developmental recommendations based on their individual safety scores.

Best Used By:
Individual Contributors

Individual Contributors

First Level Managers

First Level Managers

Middle Managers

Middle Managers



The Safety Report is based on six components for safety-related behavior including:

Defiant – Complaint

Low scorers ignore authority and company rules. High scorers willingly follow rules and guidelines.

Panicky – Strong:

Low scorers tend to panic under pressure and make mistakes. High scorers are steady under pressure.

Irritable – Cheerful:

Low scorers may easily lose their temper. High scorers tend to remain calm, even in stressful situations.

Distractible – Vigilant:

Low scorers are easily distracted and then make mistakes. High scorers stay focused on the task at hand.

Reckless – Cautious:

Low scorers tend to take unnecessary risks. High scorers evaluate their options before making risky decisions.

Arrogant – Trainable:

Low scorers overestimate their competency and are hard to train. High scorers listen to advice and like to learn.

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