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Clark Wilson Leadership Series Surveys

This suite of validated 360 Leadership surveys focus primarily on skills related to influencing others. Having a vision, influencing and encouraging the people, and providing the necessary drive.

Leadership Resilience Survey (LRS)

proves a quick pulse on how an individual is functioning during challenging times.

Executive Leadership Survey (ELS)

measures the skills and attributes that contribute to the success of leadership.

Lawyer Leader 360 Survey (LL360)

is also parallel version of the LEQ.

Leadership EQ (LEQ)

measures the strategic and personal skills that lead to organizational success.

Leadership EQ for Education (LEQ-E)

is a parallel version of the LEQ.

Leadership in Health Services (LHS)

Survey provides the health services executive with feedback about his or her management and leadership skills.

Survey of Leadership Practices (SLP)

measures the leadership competencies that are vital to personal and professional growth and the success of the organization.

Clark Wilson 360
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What is a validated 360 feedback survey?
Validation is a research process that aims to show whether an instrument actually measures what it was designed to measure. It is a valuable feature in any published feedback survey. There are many types of validation studies. In the case of 360 degree feedback for training and development purposes, survey designers strive for construct validity. Construct validity is evaluated by determining how well the concepts behind the instrument account for an individual's performance on the instrument. For example, the Survey of Management Practices from the Clark Wilson Task Cycle series measures the universal behaviors that are predictive of an effective manager. A manager with a strong record of success should have high scores on the survey whereas a manager whose performance has been weak should have low scores.

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