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Global Assessment Inventory

$ 70.00

The Global Assessment Inventory is designed to assess factors related to success in multicultural interactions. The 17-page report is an excellent guide to your personal “global portability.” It will help you understand the parts of multicultural interactions and international travel that will be easy for you, as well as the parts that may not be. It will suggest questions to ask yourself and methods of adapting to your challenges. By becoming aware of your readiness for multicultural interactions, you can increase your success.  GAI Sample Development Guide


The Global Assessment Inventory (GAI) measures 10 attributes crucial for successful adaptation when doing business across cultures. For $55 you will receive a 17-page report outlining your personal “globe-ability” and offering suggestions for challenging areas. The GAI also measure two attributes – travel expectations and travel flexibility – necessary for work that involves international business travel. These attributes help you understand your preparedness for international business travel. The assessment takes approximately 20-40 minutes to complete.  GAI Sample Development Guide