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Leadership Resilience Survey (LRS)

Leadership Resilience Survey (LRS) provides a quick pulse on how an individual is functioning during challenging times and times of change. Resilient leaders are able to maintain a good balance and adapt during times of uncertainty. They have the skills necessary to clarify and achieve operating goals while maintaining a quality work environment. In addition, there are open to feedback from others and maintain composure in times of ambiguity, while continuing to make timely decisions.

Leadership Resilience
Survey (LRS)

Application: Leadership / Management development
Audience: Any Leader or Manager
Respondents: Self, Supervisor, Peers and Direct Reports
Questions: 16 questions, 1 open-ended

Reporting - Interactive Web Reporting also available

  • Review summary level data and click on a data point to drill down to the score details.
  • Easily turn rater groups on and off to focus or compare specific sets of data.
  • Toggle between Raw and Centile Scores, while some graphs also allow you to sort Highest to Lowest, Lowest to Highest, or by Competency order.
  • Year over Year comparison with current and previous scores
  • PDF reports are full color with stunning visual displays of 360 survey data.

The Leadership Resilience Survey (LRS) Task Cycle®:


Developing a plan for success and establishing and communication clear goals.


Openness to input from others, maintaining composure, and effective conflict management.


In a rapidly changing world leaders must be able to handle crises and make timely decisions.


Modeling fairness, honesty, dependability, and respect, along with collaborative planning.


Being considered an effective leader.

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